Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A weekend Double Header in the Midlands - Part 1


Saturday sees the Midlands Open once again taking place at the Four Ashes Golf Centre in Dorridge, near Solihull.

Having looked at the confirmed entrants (here) it would appear that the pre-tournament favourite, Chris Harding, isn't listed. Surely the Midlands Master won't miss the one event that the Midlands club actually manage to pull together each season?

If he does play then you'd be a fool to bet against anything other than a Harding win... which is why i'm going for The Rocket, James Rutherford to take the title. It will be close (it always is when you are limited to 12 holes a round) and from the list of entrants I would expect Smith Jr,  Homer and Chitty (back for the first event for a long time) to be close to the newly crowned King Of The European Championship.

I've also noticed that there's no Chapman in the line up although he and Who are listed for the Doubles - perhaps he will be paraded into the course on the shoulders of his minions - the survivors from the recent Porto outing? If he plays then he should do OK. Another missing name is Seth Thomas, down for the Doubles so surely he's likely to play in the Open as well? He should. After gate crashing the Kent Open last year and walking off with the title on the KMGC's home patch this could well become a habit of Mr Orange on the BMGA tour.

Outside bet for the MO? How about the Fist, Londons very own Brad Shepherd or maybe even the lesser Gottfried? Surely one day Squire will triumph in a tournament with more than 2 people playing?

And then of course there's the mighty Praggers. Alex "Perfect Par" Pragnell to give him his full title. Mr Consistently inconsistent. Go on Alex, prove the Putting Predictor wrong and bag your first top ten finish. Somehow I wont be holding my anonymous breath on this one...

Part 2 to follow soon focussing on the main event of the weekend, the British Doubles Championship.


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